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In today’s fast growing business world information is growing rapidly, due to which it has become a challenge to manage and stored in such a way that information remains available, secured and manageable with ease. That is where expertise of our experienced professionals helps you create a hassle free information infrastructure. Below are some highlights on the solutions:

Blades Servers, Tower Servers, Rack Mountable Servers. Windows and Unix Servers.

Email Solutions:
We help in customized email solution for customers.

Server Storage Consolidation:
Helps information to be stored on more reliable Storage where as the load on the Server is reduced drastically. Information storing scalability is maximized.

Backup & Recovery:
Helps you to streamline your back up and recovery of information. Backup windows are reduced to minimize the impact on your applications. Policy based management of information and retention of data. Reduces complexity and cost.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery:
Minimizes the risk of data loss in event of any disaster reducing your TCO. In event of any failure or disaster application will restart very fast. Continuous data protection and replication. It can be host based or Storage based.

Archival & Compliance:
(File Archival, Email Archival and Database Archival Solutions). Data or information which needs to be kept for longer retention assuring that information is available and lowering down the Total Cost of Ownership. It may be files, emails or databases. Eliminates the need to have expensive storage for archived data.

Data De-Duplication:
De – duplicates the data which results in faster backups, reduces the need of growth in spending on secondary storage and lessens the traffic on the networks.

File Virtualization: It simplifies the management, efficiency and performance of NAS.
Server Virtualization: It reduces the management hassles of applications and servers. Also, it reduces the need to have additional Servers for each application.
Storage Virtualization: It allows the data to move non – disruptively to the right storage.

Data Center Management:
Data Centre data center has become mission-critical to the success of business. Rapid deployment of new technologies makes the IT Infrastructure complex and need arises to manage their data centers with efficiency. It helps companies take control of highly complex physical infrastructures including equipment, space, power, cooling, network and storage as a single entity. You can ensure efficient management of Servers and Storage. Protect data and assure application is available and performance is efficient.

Content Management:
Content Management enables organizations to leverage the valuable information assets for competitive advantage. It manages unstructured information like videos, documents, emails etc. and helps to use this information properly and make the processes efficient.

Identity Management:
It effectively and securely manages user identities throughout the extended organization. It secures your information in such a way that you can get to know who has accessed to what application and what data.

Asset Management:
A rapidly growing business, multiple locations, multiple operations, workforce and huge amount of IT assets to manage. This is the scenario of all successful and fast growing business enterprises. This solution helps to manage, secure and support all IT assets including Software & Hardware more efficiently. It enables organizations manage software license agreements, lease agreements, warranties etc. Asset Management is at the core of Information Lifecycle Management.
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